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Concrete coating in Fishers Indiana
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Best Concrete Coating Services in Fishers IN

Mr. Coatings understands that a great floor can redefine a space, whether it’s your garage, patio, or indoor area. We can change your old-looking floors with our concrete coating services in Fishers IN, designed to bring a new, modern touch to your concrete, promising durability that stands the test of time. All our coatings come with a 15-year warranty, offering peace of mind and style.

We offer various services, including flooring epoxy coating, concrete coating Fishers, epoxy flooring, garage flooring, and floor restoration. No matter the space—be it a pool deck, basement, or any other part of your home or business—we’re equipped to enhance it. This year alone, we’ve applied our expertise to over 300 floors, always using the highest-grade materials available. Trust Mr. Coatings to meet and exceed your expectations, making your space look and feel new again. Why wait? Contact us, and let’s start transforming your concrete into something spectacular.


Our Mission

To transform ordinary concrete into exceptional, durable surfaces with high-quality concrete coating services in Fishers IN enhancing aesthetics and functionality for every client’s space.


Our Vision

By consistently going above and beyond for our customers, we want to become the go to source for sustainable flooring solutions that are both creative and top in quality.

Coating Services in Fishers IN

Our State-of-the-Art Tools for Exceptional Concrete Coatings

When it comes to epoxy floor coating in Fishers IN, the quality of tools is paramount. Mr. Coatings utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure each project meets our high standards for durability and finish.

From advanced grinders that smooth surfaces flawlessly to high-performance sprayers that evenly apply coatings, our tools are designed to handle any job precisely. We constantly upgrade our technology to stay at the forefront of industry advancements, guaranteeing our clients receive the best possible results.

Our Concrete Coating Process: Precision and Perfection

At Mr. Coatings, we follow a thorough process to ensure exceptional results for every concrete coating project. The process begins with a thorough surface preparation, where we clean and smooth the area to ensure optimal coating adhesion. Next, we apply a primer to enhance durability further. Finally, we seal the coating to protect against wear and weather. This systematic approach ensures a stunning and long-lasting finish.

epoxy floor coating in Fishers IN
Our Services

What We Offer

Flooring Epoxy Coating

Our epoxy coating service makes floors look shiny and new, lasting long and resisting stains. It’s perfect for homes, businesses, and industrial areas needing a fresh look that’s easy to clean.

Concrete Coating

Upgrade your concrete areas like driveways, patios, and walkways with our top concrete coating services in Fishers IN. It adds strength and a fresh look while protecting against weather damage.

Epoxy Flooring

Choose our epoxy flooring for a smooth, durable, practical, attractive surface. It’s great for garages, warehouses, and any place that needs a floor that’s easy to maintain and tough against daily wear.

Garage Flooring

Our garage flooring service uses top-quality materials for a strong, long-lasting floor. It’s resistant to oil stains and heavy use, making it ideal for your home or commercial garage.

Floor Restoration

Bring your old floors back to life with our floor restoration service. We repair damages and enhance the floor’s durability, making your space look new without replacing the entire floor.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our epoxy flooring typically lasts 15-20 years with proper maintenance. It can withstand heavy traffic and resist stains, ensuring a durable surface for both residential and commercial settings.

The total time can vary but usually takes 1-3 days. We start with surface preparation, followed by the coating application, and finish with a sealing process to ensure quality and durability.

Yes, all our coating materials are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are safe for indoor environments. They are designed to minimize odors and ensure a safe application and living space.

We recommend removing all furniture and items from the area. Ensure the surface is dust and debris-free. Our team will handle the rest, including any surface preparation needed before coating is applied.

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Expertise and Experience

With over 300 successful floor coatings completed this year alone, our skilled team brings top-tier expertise and experience to every project.

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Efficient Service

Our systematic approach reduces interruptions and allows us to finish most jobs in one to three days while still meeting the highest quality and client satisfaction standards.

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